Required Review of PMP Patient History - January 1, 2021

Required Review of MN PMP Patient History Prior to Prescribing Opiates

Beginning January 1, 2021, a prescriber or an agent or employee of the prescriber to whom the prescriber has delegated the task of accessing the data (a delegate), must access the MN PMP database for their patient:

  1. before the prescriber issues an initial prescription for a Schedules II through IV opiate controlled substance to the patient; and

  2. at least once every three months for patients receiving an opiate for treatment of chronic pain or participating in medically assisted treatment (MAT) for an opioid addiction.

This requirement does not apply if:

  • the patient is receiving palliative care, or hospice or other end-of-life care;
  • the patient is being treated for pain due to cancer or the treatment of cancer;
  • the prescription order is for a number of doses that is intended to last the patient five days or less and is not subject to a refill;
  • the prescriber and patient have a current or ongoing provider/patient relationship of a duration longer than one year;
  • the prescription order is issued within 14 days following surgery or three days following oral surgery or follows the prescribing protocols established under the opioid prescribing improvement program under section 256B.0638
  • the controlled substance is prescribed or administered to a patient who is admitted to an inpatient hospital;
  • the controlled substance is lawfully administered by injection, ingestion, or any other means to the patient by the prescriber, a pharmacist, or by the patient at the direction of a prescriber and in the presence of the prescriber or pharmacist;
  • due to a medical emergency, it is not possible for the prescriber to review the data before the prescriber issues the prescription order for the patient; or
  • the prescriber is unable to access the data due to operational or other technological failure of the program so long as the prescriber reports the failure to the board.


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Updated 12/22/2020

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MN PMP Important Note!

The MN PMP does not provide legal advice. If there are questions regarding your patient's situation in relation to the requirement to review the PMP data, it is encouraged you access your patient's PMP history in all situations allowed under the permissible use clauses listed in MN Statute Sect. 152.126 Subd. 6.


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