Random Audit Frequently Asked Questions

1.      Why must I audit my MN PMP history requests?

Answer: Minnesota Statutes Section 152.126 subd. 6(m) requires that the Board of Pharmacy, on a quarterly basis, select random PMP account holders to review the request history attributed to their account to ensure all searches were authorized and permissible according to the Minnesota Statutes Section 152.126, Subd. 6(b).

2.      How do I perform an audit of my usage of the MN PMP database?

    • Login to “MN PMP AWARxE®
    • Here you will see your MN PMP AWARxE® dashboard
    • Locate Recent Requests (may need to be expanded, by clicking on the + to the left)
    • Click on “View Requests History”
    • All requests will appear here. (120-day history is available.)
    • This report can be viewed and printed/saved in PDF form. This is not required but highly recommended. (See icon “Download PDF”)
    • Verify the patient history requested was for a patient of yours during the time the request was made
    • Repeat Step 7, until all requests have been verified during the designated timeframe

3.      I have since left my position, to which the patients would be associated. How can I comply if I am unable to verify the patients searched?

Answer: Notify the MN PMP as soon as possible of this information. It will be documented that you are unable to perform the audit.

4.      I have performed my audit, now what do I do?

Answer: Once you have completed the audit by reviewing all searches performed during the time period indicated, click the link with your notification email and complete your attestation. This fulfils your auditing requirement. If you no longer have access to the notification email and link, contact the program staff for a new link at minnesota.pmp@state.mn.us

5.      I am no longer able to access my email notification with the attestation link, what should I do to confirm my audit?

Answer: Contact the program staff for a new link at minnesota.pmp@state.mn.us

6.      I found a patient history request, performed using the account belonging to me, for a patient I do not recognize. What should I do next?

Answer: The following actions are recommended:

    • Change your MN PMP AWARxE® password
    • Provide details in the SECURE attestation form regarding the search and any circumstances that are relevant. Submit your attestation. If additional information or action is required program staff will contact you.

Updated March 2022


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