Prescriber Report Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who does the PMP distribute prescriber reports to?

Answer:  Prescriber reports are only distributed to the prescriber him/herself. The PMP does not provide prescriber reports to employers, delegates, health licensing boards, law enforcement, etc. Reports are provided quarterly to all registered MN PMP users who have an active account, a defined role and specialty, and have written at least one opioid, sedative, or stimulant prescription during the prior 6-month period. No action is required in response to the PMP prescriber report.

2. How do I change my Healthcare Specialty if it appears to be incorrect?

Answer: Login to the MN PMP site. Select the “Menu” tab. Under User Profile, select “My Profile.” You will find the option to change your Healthcare Specialty on this page.

3. What if I have multiple Healthcare Specialties selected?

Answer:  The Prescriber Report will compare your prescribing activity against other prescribers who share the same primary Healthcare Specialty. On the My Profile page, your primary Healthcare Specialty is designated by a star icon to the left.

4.  How can I view a list of my prescriptions that were included in my Prescriber Report?

Answer:  You can now click within the interactive prescriber report to view details regarding the prescriptions that are included in your report. For additional information within the MN PMP site, click RxSearch, then click MyRx. Enter the date range [enter dates] and select the DEA number associated with your Prescriber Report. This will allow you to see a full list of prescriptions that were included within the Prescriber Report metrics.

5. What if I believe that there is an error on my MyRx prescription history?

Answer:  If you believe that one or more of these prescriptions are incorrect, you may contact the dispensing pharmacy for additional details and error resolution.


Update March 2022


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