Delegate FAQs

8.        Can a delegate access data on my behalf?

 Answer: Yes.   

    • After a delegate has created an account they will have no access to data unless approved by a supervisor.
    • Supervising account holders are accountable for all data accessed by the delegate.

9.    How do I “link” a delegate to my account?

Answer: If an individual registers as a delegate and selects you as their supervisor, you will receive email notification that a delegate account is pending your approval. Note: If the request is not acted upon, the system will send weekly follow-up emails advising you that action is still required.

10.   Can I have multiple delegates linked to my account?

 Answer: Yes and delegates can be linked to multiple supervisor accounts.

11. Can I remove a delegate from my account?

 Answer: Yes, User Profile, Delegate Management

12. Is there a way to see which patients a delegate search for under my delegation?

 Answer: Yes, Rx Search, Request History displays the last 120 days of searches performed by you or a delegate on your behalf.

13.  Where can I get more information about auditing my Delegate(s)' access to patient reports?

Answer: Please see Delegate Audit FAQ

Updated March 2022


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