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For help creating or managing an account to report prescription data see the AWARxE Clearinghouse Data Submitter Guide (pdf) .

Dispensers (pharmacies) licensed by the MN Board of Pharmacy must report daily, all Minnesota schedule II-V controlled substances, butalbital and gabapentin prescriptions to the Minnesota Prescription Monitoring Program (MN PMP), when dispensed in or into the State. A licensed dispensing practitioner must also report such dispensations to the MN PMP pursuant to Minn. Stats. §152.126.  If no controlled substance, butalbital or gabapentin prescriptions are dispensed on any given day, the dispenser is required to submit a "zero report" at the end of the day or on the following day. If the dispenser does not have a way to automate zero reporting and is closed for business, it is permissible to submit one zero report per day closed, upon reopening for business. Submitting zero reports for a timeframe greater than one day is not permitted. 

Dispensers are required by law to report valid prescription information to the PMP. Prescription records containing errors must be resolved in the PMP database within seven days of the initial erroneous submission. File Status Reports containing errors electronically distributed to the dispenser or their PMP Data Submitter (i.e. software vendor, corporate uploader, etc.) based on the dispenser's Clearinghouse account. Failure to correct prescription errors within the allowed seven days may result in a referral to the Board of Pharmacy's regulatory investigators for further action.

Frequently Asked Questions for Dispensers and Uploaders

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Exemptions from Reporting

In certain situations a Pharmacy may be exempt from reporting. Pharmacies meeting the Exemption Criteria must complete and submit a Request for Exemption from reporting form.

Required Notification

MN Statues Chapter 152.126 subd 4 (d) requires conspicuous notice of the reporting requirements and that the information may be used for program administration purposes.  

Sample Notification Language for Pharmacies



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