Data Base Account Holders/ Data Requesters Frequently Asked Questions

Data Access FAQ's

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1.   How do I retrieve my password if I forgot?

2.   How do I reactivate my account?

3.   Who can access the data contained in the MN PMP database?

4.   May licensed pharmacists who work in managed care organizations access the PMP?

5.   In situation where consent is required, what is considered “consent” from a patient to access the PMP?

6.   Can I access data from other states?

7.   Can I search for prescriptions dispensed with my DEA#?


Delegate FAQ's

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8.   Can a delegate access data on my behalf?

9.    How do I “link” a delegate to my account?

10.   Can I have multiple delegates linked to my account?

11. Can I remove a delegate from my account?

12. Is there a way to see which patients a delegate search for under my delegation?

13.  Where can I get more information about auditing my Delegate(s)' access to patient reports?



Patient Report and Data FAQ's

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13.  What prescriptions are collected by the MN PMP?

14.  Why do I not see a prescription dispensed for my patient when I know my patient filled the prescription?

15.  Can I place a copy of the PMP report in the patients EHR/EMR?

16.  Will the report include data from the Veterans Administration (VA) Pharmacies?

17.  How far back can I request recipient’s records for?

18.   How do my patient’s animal prescriptions effect Risk Scores and analytics when viewing a NarxCare report?


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