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The Bamboo Assistance Team has provided an improved knowledge resource system to answer your most common questions and respond quicker than ever to resolve your issue 24/7. Please review the separate categories below to get your question to the BEST response team as FAST as possible! 

If you prefer, the Bamboo Assistance Team is ready to answer your question at any time by phone at 1-844-966-4767.  (Technical assistance is available M-F 8am- 5pm CT)

I have a MN PMP AWARxE account that I use to access patient data and...

  • I need help getting started.
  • I need help managing my account (can't access, deactivated, etc.)
  • I need assistance with an error I see in AWARxE.
  • I need assistance using my account. (Patient Search, Rx History, etc.) 

click here for MN PMP AWARxE help

How can I learn more about Risk Indicators, Narx Scores, and/or Overdose Risk Scores

click here for NarxCare/ PMP Patient Report help

I am a data submitter with a Clearinghouse account and...

  • I need help getting started with data submitting.
  • I need help managing my account (can't access, adding users, etc.)
  • I need assistance with an error I see in Clearinghouse.
  • I need assistance learning to submit via SFTP. 

click here for Clearinghouse/ Data Submitter help

I am a clinical administrator or IT professional with questions regarding one-click access to MN PMP History Reports for our facility through the Gateway and...

  • our group is connected, but we are experiencing errors.
  • I need data regarding the specifications and requirements for connecting to the Minnesota PMP for integrated one-click access.

click here for Gateway/ Integrated Access Technical help

To update your credentials or for policy questions, please contact our program office. 

PMP Office: 

Program Contacts:               

Katrina Howard, Pharm.D., Director, Controlled Substance Reporting Section


Shannon Tonn (Whitman), Program Administrator


Hannah Frey, Data Analyst


Miranda Matteson, Program Coordinator



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