Unauthorized Access / Improper Disclosure


Access to patient information

Direct access to the MN PMP database for the purpose of requesting patient profile information is given to a limited set of permissible data users.  For a complete list please reference MN Statute 152.126 subd. 6 

Data is made available to permissible users for a 12-month period beginning the day the data was received and ending 12 months from the last day of the month in which the data was received.  A restricted group of permissible users may use all data for the purposes of administering, operating and maintaining the PMP and conducting trend analyses and other studies necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of the program. 

Suspected unauthorized access

A patient may send written notification to the Prescription Monitoring Program if he or she believes unauthorized access to his or her information has occurred.   The notification shall include:  the patient’s name and date of birth, the name of the individual(s) the patient suspects gained unauthorized access to their information, what information is suspected to have been accessed by an unauthorized user, when the suspected unauthorized access occurred, why the patient suspects the access was unauthorized and a list of individuals that would have had authorized access.  The Prescription Monitoring Program shall investigate each notification and take appropriate action.

Improper disclosure is governed by MN Statute 152.126 Subd 7, (b) “A prescriber or dispenser authorized to access the data who knowingly discloses the data in violation of state or federal laws relating to the privacy of health care data shall be subject to disciplinary action by the appropriate health-related licensing board, and appropriate civil penalties


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