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  • Prescriber/Pharmacist Delegate RxSentry Access Form

Prescriber/Pharmacist Delegate RxSentry Access Form

Requesting Access to MN Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP)
Terms of Use & Instructions


Access to the Minnesota Prescription Monitoring Program (MN PMP) is granted only with the authority and rights allowed under M.S. 152.126. Access to this data is granted to prescribers, dispensers and agents approved to access the information on their behalf, to the extent the information relates specifically to a current patient. Terms of Use of MN PMP Database:

  • The data obtained from the MN PMP is protected health information and disclosure of MN PMP patient profile data in violation of state or federal laws relating to the privacy of health care data is grounds for disciplinary action by the appropriate health-related licensing board and may also subject the authorized user to civil penalties.
  • If the license of the master account holder is restricted by his or her regulatory (licensing) board, their access to the MN PMP database may be immediately terminated, in addition to those of their agents. Additionally, should any violations of these terms of use be identified, the MN PMP staff may make an uncontestable revocation of the authorized user’s direct access to the MN PMP database.
  • Authorized users are responsible for all use of their User ID and password. These credentials are issued to the individual and are not to be used as a “group” account.  There are no “group accounts” for access to the MN PMP database.
  • Delegate account holders must immediately notify the practitioner(s), who have granted delegate access to act on their behalf, to remove authorization, when their access to the database is no longer required.


Step 1. Access the online account registration form, (using the link below) and when prompted enter the following:

User name: newacct
Password: welcome

Step 2. Complete the online account registration form. The email address you provide will be used to notify you of your personal account log in information. Please refrain from providing an email address that can be accessed by others.

Step 3. When prompted, print the form.

Step 4. Sign and date the form in the presence of a Notary Public, ensuring the Notary signs that he/she witnessed your signature. Your signature must be notarized as an added precaution against identity theft. Forms that have not been signed in the presence of a Notary Public will not be processed.

Step 5. Retain a copy of the account registration form for your records.

Step 6. Submit the completed form to the MN PMP office within 5 business days via the following:

Fax (612-617-2261)

Scan/email (Minnesota.pmp@state.mn.us)

Mail (To the address shown on the account registration form)

Your credentials will be verified and email notification will be sent within 2 business days of receipt.

Once you have received your User ID and password you will need to contact each master account holder you wish to access the database on behalf of, to advise them of your approved user account status.

The master account holder(s) will need to log into the MN PMP database and authorize your delegated authority.

If you do not receive notification by email from the MN PMP office within 5 business days after you have mailed in your notarized request form, check your SPAM folder to see if the email was classified as SPAM; if no response is located, contact the MN PMP Office at 651/201-2836 for assistance.





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